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Ziad Alahmad

Photo taken by: Hemen

I am excited to share with you my journey as a Ph.D. candidate, researcher, and humanitarian professional. My name is Ziad Alahmad, and I am currently living in Tokyo, Japan. However, my story begins in my home country; Syria, where I was born and raised. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing conflict in Syria, I was forced to leave in 2015. This was the beginning of my journey as a forced migrant, and it has been a challenging but also transformative experience.

My journey as a forced migrant took me to different countries, but my longest stay was in Turkey where I had the opportunity to complete my second Master's degree in Urban Studies. This experience gave me an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by forced migrants and how they adapt to their new surroundings. My academic background also includes a Master's degree in Japanese Studies from Aleppo University. This has given me a unique perspective and the ability to communicate in multiple languages including English, Arabic, Turkish, and Japanese, I also have a basic understanding of Hebrew.

Throughout my journey, I have dedicated my professional career to helping those in need, working with national and international NGOs in various positions. I am specialized in Protection programs and hold a certification as a Project Manager in the development sector. Throughout my career, I have had several successes leading teams in Turkey, particularly in child protection. I am proud of the positive impact I have made in the lives of many vulnerable individuals and families. Currently, I work as a part-time lecturer and researcher, where I am able to continue making a difference by sharing my knowledge and experiences.

My research focus is on forced migration, how those who are forcibly displaced live in host countries, and how the host communities perceive and interact with them. I believe that understanding and addressing the challenges faced by forced migrants is crucial for creating a more inclusive and equitable society. I hope to make a meaningful contribution to this field through my research and to break stereotypes and misconceptions about forced migration worldwide. I have already published several publications in this field, and I am passionate about continuing to share my research findings with others.

I am also an SPSS expert and I have been developing my data analysis skills, particularly in statistics. This is an important aspect of my research, as it allows me to accurately analyze and present data to support my findings.

Outside of my academic and professional pursuits, I am an avid sports enthusiast. I enjoy going to the gym and hiking, and I have even hiked Mount Takao more than 20 times! I believe that staying active and connecting with nature is essential for maintaining a healthy balance in life.

I hope that you will enjoy exploring my homepage and learning more about my journey. I believe that together we can make a difference in the world, and I am committed to continuing to work toward a future where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Let's work to eliminate the word "refugee" from our dictionaries and create a world where no one has to be forced to leave their homes.


Professional Affiliations 

Ziad Alahmad

I am proud to be a member of the Japanese Association of Middle East Studies (JAMES) and the Contemporary Middle East Political Studies in ( These organizations provide a platform for exchanging ideas and information among scholars, researchers, and experts in the Middle East studies field, allowing me to stay current on the latest developments and trends in the field.

Photo taken by: Daiki Yamaguchi

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The Significance of the Pull Factors in Immigrants’ Entrepreneurship and Self-employment: The Case of Syrian Immigrants in Gaziantep

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