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Ziad Alahmad

A bit about me!

Global Citizen/Social Entrepreneur


I am a humanitarian and development expert specializing in program and project design, monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning.

A researcher and part-time lecturer live in Tokyo.


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Ziad Alahmad


Ziad Alahmad

Currently, I am working toward a Ph.D. degree in Global Studies at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

Previously started a Ph.D. in middle east studies at Sakarya University, and have two MA degrees in Social science.

My main interest is in forced migration, including the areas of integration, assimilation, entrepreneurship, sense of place, and quantitive and qualitative research methods.

Member of the Japanese Association of Middle East Studies (JAMES).

Member of Contemporary Middle East Political Studies in (

Photo taken by: Daiki Yamaguchi

Recently published!

International Review of Migration and Refugee Studies Sayı Kapak Resmi.png

The Significance of the Pull Factors in Immigrants’ Entrepreneurship and Self-employment: The Case of Syrian Immigrants in Gaziantep


Opinion Survey: How Syrians See the Temporary Protection System After 10 Years of Displacement in Turkey?

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